Why Choose Carr's Flour - quality natural trusted



Every time you bake, whether it’s a straightforward white loaf or a complex cake recipe, we believe the flour you use should be right for the job.

So we travel far and wide to select the finest wheat for our flour, because we know that when you start with the best, you get the best results.

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We mill each type of grain with care to achieve its fullest baking potential. Wheat quality at harvest is different every year, however, our knowledge of grain allows us to select the best available and optimise its baking quality.

The Carr’s process uses low pressure milling to gently extract the most from the natural properties of the best wheat grains. We call it sympathetic milling - to get the best out of wheat.

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Our flours are naturally as good as they can be. We don’t add enzymes or improvers to our Strong White and Wholemeal and only simple raising agents to our Self Raising.

Our careful sourcing, selection and gentle milling action creates a range of specialist flours that are tried and trusted by Britain’s best artisan bakers and discerning home cooks.

Milled in the UK by Carr's Flour Mills Limited,
Solway Mills, Silloth, Cumbria CA7 4AJ